‘The keys to her success …’

I just got this gorgeous reference letter from a former boss and long-time friend, Joanne Erickson. I was so blown away by it that I thought I’d post it here, just to share my joy.

Dear _____

I am pleased to offer my wholehearted recommendation to consider Kathleen Lourde–whose considerable skills make her an eligible candidate for any reporting, writing, or editing assignment you may have.

My business association with Kathleen covered 20 years. For the first seven, Kathleen served as senior editor for the American Health Care Association’s national trade magazine, Provider. Her comprehensive research and extensive interviews consistently resulted in compelling cover stories that assessed current and trending practices in the long term care field, one of which won a national award from the Association of Healthcare Journalists. While at AHCA, Kathleen also created, wrote for, and edited a long-awaited newsletter for the emerging assisted living market.

In the years that followed her employment at AHCA, I continued to depend on Kathleen as a freelancer not just because of her excellent skills, but her personal integrity and commitment to a job well done. I think one of the keys to her success lies in the interest she takes in whatever subject matter she tackles and the empathy she fosters in the people she interviews.

Best regards,

Joanne Erickson

Former Editor in Chief

Provider (ret.)

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Grasshoppers on parade

Only six kinds of grasshoppers live in Oklahoma, according to the Oklahoma State University Extention. It seemed an incredibly small number as I was standing under the big old ash tree in my front yard and my eyes suddenly saw what my mind had rejected: thousands upon thousands of grasshoppers climbing up my ash tree as the sun was setting. They climb up there and sing (or screech, depending on my mood) for hours before finally tiring out and going to sleep.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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